Mills River Park

A franchise to further your ambitions

Paving roads with stone in Europe and elsewhere was the norm before asphalt was invented. With the advent of the 20th century the use of asphalt for Paving of public roads became more prolific and the use of stone diminished. Today most roads are paved with asphalt using sophisticated machinery, and the roads too are wider and advanced technically.

Other than roads we still use the same basic techniques when paving our Driveways, walkways, footpaths and even parts of our garden. We all like our homes and the environs to be neat and clean. Paving parts of your garden, interspersed with shades of green foliage will be soothing to your eyes, and will be worth a thousand just to look at it in the mornings.

Areas in your garden where there is an excess of water or any other liquids collecting you could opt for Permeable paving, which would allow easy drain of water and any other liquids. This Permeable feature will resist the stagnation of liquids in that particular area.

There is also the Spray Paving of concrete areas which will whilst adding colour, would also keep the temperature around your home down due it’s reflective features.   

Having your Driveways neatly paved and clean would add to the ambience that you would like your home to exude. With the latest techniques that we employ, we can use coloured Coatings on concrete, whether it is new or old does not matterto bring out a splash of colour to otherwise a dull Driveway.

We are offering dedicated individuals to Buy Paving business and join us with commitment and enthusiasm, coupled with honesty, integrity, reliability and transparency to jump on our bandwagon and taste success with our Paving Franchise.

Being a part of our Paving Franchise you become an important member of the World’s largest Home Services franchise. For a reasonable monthly fee, and a cost on the leads you receive, there is no other cost that you will need to bear.

We will provide you with all the information that you would need, coupled with ongoing training, marketing support and internationally recognized brand names. Our Franchisee base surpassing 3,200  we are gearing ourselves to the increase in market share that we look forward to achieve in the next few years.     


Fencing to australian standards

Constructions, installations and services among many others have to conform to Australian Standards. The Australian Standards is the governing body that ensures that everything under it’s purview are within the required and approved Australian Standards.

Fences and fencing materials should also conform to Australian Standards, where materials and requirements may have varying standardizations. It is hence, imperative that before you employ personnel to carry out any work within your premises, to check whether they are qualified, experienced and authorized to carry out work entrusted to them.

Erecting fences would require certain approvals from the Local councils and these are generally obtained by professional fencing contractors, as they are well versed in following the systems required to obtain those approvals. If we attempt to get these approvals we would only be running from pillar to post, wasting time and money.

Swimming pools at residential premises were generally left unprotected a few years back, but after many accidents in Australia it is now mandatory to have appropriate pool fencing to protect children as well as adults.

If the fencing around the pool obscures a clear view of the pool and the area surrounding it, a danger might go unnoticed till it is too late. Hence, using glass pool fencing around the pool would give time for others in the premises at that time to react fast.

Jim’s Fencing with an impressive portfolio of fencing options stands tall among others leading the way with impeccable and courteous workmanship. Our services offered have never been questioned, and like our parent company which is s well known Australian conglomerate, we strive to deliver good results to our customers.

Our portfolio includes but is not limited to Colorbond fencing, timber fencing, and screen fencing the three popular fencing options which we execute with the utmost care. We carry out all installations to the highest standards and our personnel are experienced and qualified to execute such works.

Colourbond fencing is available in fourteen colours and is backed by a ten year warranty and it is a very popular option among home owners. Being an Australian product and with an international flavor it has proved it’s worth as a reliable fencing material over the years

Timber fencing is treated and has the advantage of exuding a naturalistic look about it after installation at your premises.



Hours of fun and a day to remember

Jumping castle hire Melbourne is available in some very attractive styles, from Scooby Doo, to Disney Princess to Toy Story among many other famous cartoon characters around.

All jumping castle hire that we deliver are in good condition, safe and well cleaned.

The blowers that are delivered to keep the jumping castle hire Melbourne inflated at all times would be installed at a very safe distance away to ensure that kids around are not endangered at any time.

We ensure that all the fun kids have are safe, and to this end we station one of our responsible staff to keep an eye on the proceedings, till the day is concluded and our jumping castle hire is dismantled and taken away.

A short phone call to us will see the bouncy castle hire Melbourne delivered to your premises pronto and with just a few minutes required to set it up, it is just loads of fun for your kids and their friends when you want it.

Once the party is concluded we will dismantle and take it away without an ounce of hassle to you or the others.